Social Book Writing

mybetabook is a service that allows people who enjoy writing to be supported by readers.

Writers can submit their unpublished works for readers, who can send their feedback to the writers.

This is an easy way for writers to make their work more marketable for a larger audience.

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You can write and edit your work without sharing it. When you are ready to share your writing, just click on the Public Mode button, and readers will have access to your work.


You can click on any work you'd like to read. After reading it, you can send your comments directly to the writer by clicking on the subscribe button. Anytime the writer edits or updates his/her work, the reader can read it on a Internet browser or offline on devices such as eReaders, iPhones, or iPads.

Write Together

This experience allows the writer and readers to craft the work together to create the best story possible. mybetabook is a true and unique collaboration between a writer and readers.